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SDC 2021

The undergraduate Seismic Design Competition (SDC) is conducted every year by Student Leadership Council (SLC). The 2021 undergraduate SDC was held virtually due to COVID-19 pandemic. About 11 undergraduate civil engineering students from IIT Bombay participated in the SDC competition this year under the mentorship of Prof. Meera Raghunandan. A total of 37 teams from 10 different countries participated in the competition. Among the 7 awards in the SDC, the IIT Bombay team received the "Charles Richter Award for the Spirit of the Competition". This was the first time that an Indian team has bagged an EERI SDC award.


The students were asked to design the extension of balsa wood hospital building for the COVID-19 patients in the city of Seattle. Students got to learn various aspects of geology, seismology, planning, design, and retrofitting throughout the duration of the competition. They got acquainted with different design codes used for design in the USA such as ASCE 7-10 and NDS(2015). They also learned various softwares which are commonly used in the industry.

#1 Geotechnical/

Seismicity Deliverable

In this deliverable, local faults were identified. Site bore log data was studied and recommendations were given for improving site conditions. Design response spectrum as per ASCE 7-16 was generated and ground motions were selected for time history analysis.

Deliverable 1 - Response Spectra.png
Deliverable 2- Plan and elevation.png

#2 Structural Deliverable

In this deliverable, a Scale-down model of the hospital building located in Seattle was created in ETABS software. An extension for the existing building for COVID-19 patients was designed. Time history analysis was performed on the hospital building with an extension. Performance of existing structure and existing structure with extension was checked by evaluating D/C ratios and checking the maximum inter-story drift ratios. 

#3 Architectural Deliverable

In this deliverable, a 3D rendered view of the hospital building along with extension was created in 3Dmax. Architectural planning was done and layout plans for all the floors were prepared. LEED Silver certification was targeted for the hospital building to make it sustainable.

Deliverable 3- 3D render.jpg
Deliverable 4 -Final Retrofited mode.png

#4 Retrofit


In this deliverable, the existing structure was retrofitted as it was inadequate due to additional loads coming from the extension. Different retrofit techniques such as bracings and the addition of steel plates to the existing sections were adopted to improve the performance of the building. 

Team Members

SDC 2021 Team.png


The team was mentored by 7 graduate students:

  • Sawtik Pankajkumar Rayjada (Ph.D. Student)

  • Radhika Pajgade (Ph.D. Student)

  • Kaustav Sengupta (Ph.D. Student)

  • Raj Kabrawala (M. Tech Student)

  • Aditya Sharma (M. Tech Student)

  • Sudhir Pratap Singh Jodha (M. Tech Student)

  • Mohit Tak (M. Tech Student)

Additional assistance for the competition was provided by:

  • Chaidul Chaudhri (Ph.D. Student, Geotechnical deliverable)

  • Mani N (Ph.D. Student, Structural deliverable)

  • Satyam Singh (Ph.D. Student, Structural deliverable)

  • Ashutosh Patel (2nd Year B.Tech, Presentation and Poster)

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